The winter is coming

This week was the one, I could go out to take pictures after 10 months.
It was a night withous amazing results, but with reunions, laughs, good vibes and some pictures.
A pleasure spending the night with Augusto, Pol, Carles, Alain and Dani.
Let’s see if we meet againg soon!

This one is the song:

[ ƒ/5.6 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 351s]

(Valencià) Primera i última… de moment

Well, as the title says this will surely be the first of the year and the last one in a while, I have to make an effort and do what I have to do. Hopefully after the summer I can take pictures of anyone who moves … we’ll see …

To cheer you up and to cheer me up… an oldie but goldie:

[ ƒ/5.6 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 457s]

Assault to the Castle

Here you can see another typical camp evening, the assault to the Castle. The defenders of the castle are distributed in the area surrounding the castle (in the photograph the highest point with a strong fixed light) and the attackers (children) have to get to the castle and leave something inside (a piece of paper) to demonstrate they have arrived. There are many variants of the game, but surely if you have gone camping you will have played.

The shot is 5 minutes and what is seen in the foreground is the camp leader who was in charge of giving the attackers the pieces of paper to try to leave them in the castle.

You can see that there was more than one way to achieve the goal 😉

[Singlepic id = 113 w = h = float = center]

The soundtrack will be put by another typical camp song and the medieval dinner (yes, the one where we dined with our hands!). I just discovered that the song was from the Nikis, and not from the Inhumanos, as I thought … well … I can go to bed now.


[ ƒ/6.3 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 400 40° 24.7313′ 0″ N 0° 24.7437′ 0″ W 300s]

90 seconds of Camp

After 15 years I have returned to the camp, obviously things have changed a lot. I personally thought that the balance was positive, I had a great time, I met many people I did not know and thought that the children had a great time (which is the most important thing).

Here is an example of what happens when the night prayer ends and the head (Ernesto Colomer) is sending the teams to sleep, some go through the bathroom, others go straight, and this picture summarizes it very well:

It is another curious point of view, soon I will bring you more, be alert.

As a video I will leave a song that children liked very much, and that it was very good for them:

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 800 40° 24.6711′ 0″ N 0° 24.9194′ 0″ W 90s]

Fiberchannel deployment in Gavarda’s bridge

Thursday, after a long time without going out at night (with the usual group, some little thing I have done in the camp), we went to the bridge of Gavarda (an old known). We are looking for lightnings, but they decided not to come. Augusto told Carles: “Take a picture of us, please, David and I started dating together (to take pictures) a long time ago and we have few photos together.” Said and done … this is the result:

The soundtrack is a classic that I have remembered this camp:

[ ƒ/5.6 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 39° 4.9274′ 0″ N 0° 32.3474′ 0″ W 206s]

Innovative Falla

Yeah, I know I’m going to be a bit late, but I’ll catch up.
The photos that I bring you today are from March of the year 2015. The Falla of the Av Blasco Ibañez decided to bet on the innovative Fallas. Not only in how to build them and the materials used, but in how to involve all the people in the choice of the Falla, construction and assembly. When Jaume was telling me everything they were doing every time I liked it more. I found it very original and at the same time a very reasonable way of doing things. The Falla I also liked, of course!. The work was carried out between Augusto and I, I do not remember what each one did (a long time ago), but many thanks to Jaume for opening the workshop doors and holding up late so we could do the photos.

The soundtrack will be more recent… so much that it’s a video uploaded today of the Youth Band, but the Christmas concert (I can not deceive you) where Jordi, Ivan and Elena play a great role and where it is shown that every year Cristian (the director) raises the bar and I do not know where it will be.

Last day of 2016 in Cabanes

Some friends spent last day of the year in Cabanes. When I knew the destination of the trip I looked for locations to make the exit of “light painting” that begins to be tradition. I noted 4 places: The salt tower, very close to the sea that we visited during the day. The top of the Bartolo, which we did not know to arrive by car (because it was at night and because it was prohibited), the Carmelite convent of the desert of the palms and the bow of Cabanes (of which you have photos below).
There we were the four daring (Bernat, Fernando, Edu and I) we left soon to try to catch blue hour or similar and come back soon. We went first to the convent, we saw it from afar, because getting closer meant arriving at night to Bartolo. After changing a few times the location of the shot I bring you this one:

 From there we could go out to The Bartolo, practically at night, and when the final leg was already beginning, there was a sign that forbade the passage, so we will not get up. We went to plan “b”, the bow of Cabanes, which already caught us closer to home and in theory was easy to access and nice:

 Well, it seems nice to me, and was easy to access, but the photo… took its good number of attempts. I think all the cars registered in Cabanes passed by. My friends were guiding me while I “painted” with light the bow and got the photo I was looking for. Finally and with the help of my friends, we were doing tests with the lights that took and came out this:

 The songs will be played today by Antonio Flores and Ana Belén – “Solo le pido a Dios”, a song by Leon Gieco to commemorate the school day of Nonviolence and Peace .

[ ƒ/6.3 Canon EOS 7D 16mm 200 319s]