Milky way

Today I remembered that last year we did a photo out of several days to Arcos de las Salinas there CEFCA is building an astronomical observatory, and the first night we went up there. We put a little nose and kindness Watchers did the rest, we were shown the facilities under construction, they left us a tracking tripod, we were shown the programs used to process the images obtained with telescopes. Currently they only started is the small 80cm (equivalent approx. 3700mm focal length), the other if I remember correctly will have a mirror of 2.5m (over 9000mm focal lenght) and for us it is a telephoto lens 400mm … lol.

Here you have a shot with the 12mm and ISO 160 , we caught a night not too good , it was cold, windy and there were clouds. They told us that from there on a clear night looked easily Valencia.

JAST/T80 1

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 30D 12mm 160 40° 2.55′ 0″ N 1° 0.9833′ 0″ W 1869s]

Then I leave a photo to my surprise was placed in the 3rd-4th page Popularity at 500px which I recommend if you do not know , my profile is this. It is 9 shots vertically with 8mm and subsequently coupled with Hugin Panorama Creator:

JAST/T80 2

We’ve got a good time… and there are still pictures to show, but that’s another post. Now I leave you with the soundtrack, a group that gets current songs and gives them a vintage feel, in this case New Orleans style, I think the song needs no introduction :

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 30D 12mm 160 40° 2.55′ 0″ N 1° 0.9833′ 0″ W 1869s]

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