Cullera’s Radar

We continue with the file and now it’s up to an exit that we did in June last year. We met a few (that day if I remember correctly were at least 6: Augusto , Jordi , Alberto , Manolo , and Oscar) and went to Cullera to see what we could do.
We climbed to the Weather Radar and got ready to take pictures. I had not noticed, but there were security cameras and alarms, but as our intention was only to take pictures, we started to deploy the material. Well, they had not yet passed four or five minutes we saw a car up very quickly to where we were, indeed! Civil Guard! , very nice a guy and a girl asked us documentation and asked that we did there. They told us that there was much money in technological equipment and that’s why it was so well guarded, had surprised that so many people were there at that time .

Look! it’s a 20 minutes photo, there’s a lot of light pollution, but the result is not bad at all, it is made with 8mm and then I corrected a little deformation, hope you like it :

[ Canon EOS 7D 50mm 200 39° 10.5748′ 0″ N 0° 15.061′ 0″ W 1200s]

As a soundtrack I recommend a piece of my Youtube channel performed by the musical group L’Artística de Carlet. This is the work “Libertadores” by Oscar Navarro, directed by Fernando Hernández García:

[ Canon EOS 7D 50mm 200 39° 10.5748′ 0″ N 0° 15.061′ 0″ W 1200s]

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