Belchite (I’ll return)

The last weekend we went to a night photography workshop in Belchite (Augusto , Alberto and me)

With batteries charged and backpack full of clothes and equipment we went over there.
The first night when we arrived(since we were not invited) (this was a joke that has been misunderstood, they invited us, but we don’t want to get in) to enter Belchite we went to a snowfield that was very close to that recommended Ruth, in charge of rural hotel “Capricho de Goya” and treated us very well all weekend.

The snowfield was painted by Augusto, I painted the front and the ground and fired the remote flash we had inside:

[ ƒ/7.1 Canon EOS 7D 14mm 100 41° 20.2242′ 0″ N 0° 57.6603′ 0″ W 447s]

The next day we did a tour around: Azuara, Letux and of course… Belchite:

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 41° 18.0247′ 0″ N 0° 44.9375′ 0″ W 1/320s]

After the workshop we went to implement it, and the truth is that it was not too good, too many people together. And we used to go to ours , the prove is the image below, in order to get something I had to do an HDR of 3 shots to match the areas and look somewhat decent :

We also did scenes, the “lesbian” when the involved give me permission (lol) and I leave this to you, all of us and the cross was painted by Paco Farero. From this point of view is a bit strange because I did not have the same frame as he and Augusto says: “The painter, is painting to his/her camera”:

[ ƒ/4 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 1000 41° 18.0247′ 0″ N 0° 44.9375′ 0″ W 49s]

And finally I leave the one I like , they are actually 20 shots a minute and then mounted with GIMP (yes, I find it easier than startrails own , since I can add or remove shots of the final result without re-process all), and is cheaper than the “Paint”:

[ ƒ/4 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 800 41° 18.0247′ 0″ N 0° 44.9375′ 0″ W 59s]

The final summary of the trip is that we were needing more pictures and that I’ll surely return to Belchite.

The Soundtrack is a song that refers to all the evils of civil war, as happens in Belchite: Guns ‘ n’ Roses – Civil War:

[ ƒ/4 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 800 41° 18.0247′ 0″ N 0° 44.9375′ 0″ W 59s]

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