Last day of 2016 in Cabanes

Some friends spent last day of the year in Cabanes. When I knew the destination of the trip I looked for locations to make the exit of “light painting” that begins to be tradition. I noted 4 places: The salt tower, very close to the sea that we visited during the day. The top of the Bartolo, which we did not know to arrive by car (because it was at night and because it was prohibited), the Carmelite convent of the desert of the palms and the bow of Cabanes (of which you have photos below).
There we were the four daring (Bernat, Fernando, Edu and I) we left soon to try to catch blue hour or similar and come back soon. We went first to the convent, we saw it from afar, because getting closer meant arriving at night to Bartolo. After changing a few times the location of the shot I bring you this one:

 From there we could go out to The Bartolo, practically at night, and when the final leg was already beginning, there was a sign that forbade the passage, so we will not get up. We went to plan “b”, the bow of Cabanes, which already caught us closer to home and in theory was easy to access and nice:

 Well, it seems nice to me, and was easy to access, but the photo… took its good number of attempts. I think all the cars registered in Cabanes passed by. My friends were guiding me while I “painted” with light the bow and got the photo I was looking for. Finally and with the help of my friends, we were doing tests with the lights that took and came out this:

 The songs will be played today by Antonio Flores and Ana Belén – “Solo le pido a Dios”, a song by Leon Gieco to commemorate the school day of Nonviolence and Peace .

[ ƒ/6.3 Canon EOS 7D 16mm 200 319s]

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