Innovative Falla

Yeah, I know I’m going to be a bit late, but I’ll catch up.
The photos that I bring you today are from March of the year 2015. The Falla of the Av Blasco Ibañez decided to bet on the innovative Fallas. Not only in how to build them and the materials used, but in how to involve all the people in the choice of the Falla, construction and assembly. When Jaume was telling me everything they were doing every time I liked it more. I found it very original and at the same time a very reasonable way of doing things. The Falla I also liked, of course!. The work was carried out between Augusto and I, I do not remember what each one did (a long time ago), but many thanks to Jaume for opening the workshop doors and holding up late so we could do the photos.

The soundtrack will be more recent… so much that it’s a video uploaded today of the Youth Band, but the Christmas concert (I can not deceive you) where Jordi, Ivan and Elena play a great role and where it is shown that every year Cristian (the director) raises the bar and I do not know where it will be.

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