Assault to the Castle

Here you can see another typical camp evening, the assault to the Castle. The defenders of the castle are distributed in the area surrounding the castle (in the photograph the highest point with a strong fixed light) and the attackers (children) have to get to the castle and leave something inside (a piece of paper) to demonstrate they have arrived. There are many variants of the game, but surely if you have gone camping you will have played.

The shot is 5 minutes and what is seen in the foreground is the camp leader who was in charge of giving the attackers the pieces of paper to try to leave them in the castle.

You can see that there was more than one way to achieve the goal 😉

[Singlepic id = 113 w = h = float = center]

The soundtrack will be put by another typical camp song and the medieval dinner (yes, the one where we dined with our hands!). I just discovered that the song was from the Nikis, and not from the Inhumanos, as I thought … well … I can go to bed now.


[ ƒ/6.3 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 400 40° 24.7313′ 0″ N 0° 24.7437′ 0″ W 300s]

Fiberchannel deployment in Gavarda’s bridge

Thursday, after a long time without going out at night (with the usual group, some little thing I have done in the camp), we went to the bridge of Gavarda (an old known). We are looking for lightnings, but they decided not to come. Augusto told Carles: “Take a picture of us, please, David and I started dating together (to take pictures) a long time ago and we have few photos together.” Said and done … this is the result:

The soundtrack is a classic that I have remembered this camp:

[ ƒ/5.6 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 39° 4.9274′ 0″ N 0° 32.3474′ 0″ W 206s]