Last day of 2016 in Cabanes

Some friends spent last day of the year in Cabanes. When I knew the destination of the trip I looked for locations to make the exit of “light painting” that begins to be tradition. I noted 4 places: The salt tower, very close to the sea that we visited during the day. The top of the Bartolo, which we did not know to arrive by car (because it was at night and because it was prohibited), the Carmelite convent of the desert of the palms and the bow of Cabanes (of which you have photos below).
There we were the four daring (Bernat, Fernando, Edu and I) we left soon to try to catch blue hour or similar and come back soon. We went first to the convent, we saw it from afar, because getting closer meant arriving at night to Bartolo. After changing a few times the location of the shot I bring you this one:

 From there we could go out to The Bartolo, practically at night, and when the final leg was already beginning, there was a sign that forbade the passage, so we will not get up. We went to plan “b”, the bow of Cabanes, which already caught us closer to home and in theory was easy to access and nice:

 Well, it seems nice to me, and was easy to access, but the photo… took its good number of attempts. I think all the cars registered in Cabanes passed by. My friends were guiding me while I “painted” with light the bow and got the photo I was looking for. Finally and with the help of my friends, we were doing tests with the lights that took and came out this:

 The songs will be played today by Antonio Flores and Ana Belén – “Solo le pido a Dios”, a song by Leon Gieco to commemorate the school day of Nonviolence and Peace .

[ ƒ/6.3 Canon EOS 7D 16mm 200 319s]


Yesterday it all kicked off, I was watching “Vigilados: Person of Interest” (that I recommend) and I reacted late. I take out the tripod, the camera, I mount everything from the balcony of my house and started shooting (also seeing big lightning between two takes).

As I arrived late storm was moving towards Alginet, but in this you can see all the photos that has lightning in it piled with gimp.

20161024rellamxicA girl who’s starting on saxophone will bring us the soundtrack (it’s not the kind of music I like, but the girl does veeeeery well):

Musical Photos (repeat)

When I’ve posted the previous post “Musical Photos” with photos that we prepare for the book of Santa Cecilia 2015 of A.M. l’Artística de Carlet, I realized that one of the shots (which simulate a small band with new musicians), I had left to be added to the final version on of the shots, one of the background that completes the picture. After offering the appropriate apologies to Augusto for the mistake, I said I would put the corrected photo, here you have:


And to accompany this photo (now more cool, huh?) I bring you a video of the Playing for a Change, the Celebration of Cool and the Gang

And here’s the original version with tenor sax and all… hehehehe

Musical Photos

On October 19 new musicians got together with Alberto and Augusto with the mission of taking pictures of the new musicians for the libretto of Santa Cecilia.
Alberto is responsible for the “traditional” picture ended up being a photo from a very original perspective (which is ultimately where you can view in the libretto). I also asked for help from Augusto to make an idea on my head in “night” mode. The idea was that instead of looking only 4 musicians, we formed a small band, appearing several times repeated every one of us.
I must say it was late and we all had something in a hurry, so we could not risk and do it all in one take. We went and did multi-exposures (and thanks that we did well, or it would have been a disaster).
Here you have 6 shots for the first picture:

grup-toma1 grup-toma2grup-toma3 grup-toma4 grup-toma5 grup-toma6

And here the first result to stack all the shots:

grup-resultat1And the end result erasing content of some layers to avoid the ghosts and overlays lights:

grup-resultat2Since we were there we also carry out the idea of ​​Augusto:

This time simplest implementation for very impressive results:

llums-toma2Just stacking the two shots:

llums-resultat1And the final result with a slight frame crop:

llums-resultat2The president of the band wanted to take was around to see what’s that I was commenting to take pictures in the dark. These are all in one take and adjustment of levels only:

mestre2 mestre1

The tune today relays on Daniela Andrade, a girl I knew because it was part of the soundtrack of a chapter at Suits (a highly recommended TV-Show):

Pont d’en Gil

Come, now there are few of Menorca (LOL) this today, like the other day, is accompanied by a timelapse made with SONY HDR AS100VR. It is a natural stone bridge that the waiter recommended at the Chinese we ate in front of the apartment.

The truth is that we really did not know home.
The lighting of the bridge is of Augustus, and the front of me and the moon.

The video has some noise at the end (the little camera ISO is not so good, but it is not meant to night timelapse)

Hope you like it and i’m waiting your comments.

[ ƒ/4 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 640 40° 0.681′ 0″ N 3° 47.7215′ 0″ E 160s]


We continue the trip to Menorca, and not just at night as man lives … here you have a panoramic Macarelleta Creek (the Macarella is right, but barely visible)

The truth is that these beaches have nothing to envy to the beaches of the islands of Thailand (and we caught closer)

Today’s entry is short, it’s late and I do not want to tire yourself. You know, come back soon and will not tell you.

The soundtrack on the other hand comes in triplicate:

The original version:

The cover of “The Lost Fingers” I met some cracks on the “Escépticos” ETB (too bad they do not make more chapters or more programs like this)

And the cover of the cover (as they say in gomaespuma “shit yourself little parrot”)

Who gives more?

[ Canon EOS 7D]


This week ended yesterday we broke all records in my website and facebook, so first of all … THANK YOU, and then … another photo from the trip to Menorca … until you tell me that you are already bored in the comments;-)

It’s Favàritx Lighthouse, located north of the city of Mahon. I do not think that is the last photo that I put the web from that day… I have a few and this is only the first I’ve encountered (and still was not completely dark)

As we arrived early and had time until nightfall, other than photos, we entertained doing a time lapse that I put below … do not miss my friend Augusto skating from the middle of the video, lol.

Until next time.

[ Canon EOS 7D 100]

Photo contest Carlet 2014

Now that the awards are public I can make public the photos submitted to the contest. From here take the opportunity to offer my congratulations to the winners (and specially to the only girl which I do not remember the name, but she has made the picture that caught my attention, with the permission of the other winners)

Since photography is an art (or so they say) is also linked to subjectivity, so everyone has his own opinion and preferences.

I’ll start with a photo you already know, since I posted one of the same series some time ago:
This is a photo of the Hermitage of San Bernat (which is the only with heptagonal plant in Europe, shit yourself little parrot!)

This is the train station of Carlet, which also has its charm within the FGV subway line 1:

And finally a strange perspective from the Convent i Vila de Carlet, where the church of the Assumption of Our Lady is:

I hope that instead of the awards that I didn’t won you leave a comment, no?

By the way, here also take the opportunity to offer my congratulations to the City of Carlet for the initiative and organizing the competition, because although I did not receive any prize all of us got a vest that I’m using a lot in the nights.

The tune of today’s is from PFC’s childrens singing a Bobby McFerrin song: