Arcos II

The second day we were in Arcos de las Salinas rippled pretty, Morning visit the ancient salt that give the village its name. There are still remains of the pond where the water became dry, the water pumping windmills and church. Also the place is quite secluded and almost no light pollution. We had a very good day:

Salinas de Arcos de las Salinas, an HDR with the polarizing filter:

Then we were talked about Dueñas, a town like many other abandoned and not wonder… with the SUV cost us quite get, is tired and there was too much grace to go around, especially at night, so we made some shots daytime and towards Arcos again.

Overview of Dueñas (multiple shots at the 12 and the polarizing filter and coupled with Hugin):

In the afternoon, after lunch we went for a walk around Arcos, a path that bordered a stream and we will find this waterfall:

HDR waterfall in Arcos de las Salinas:

Then we went to dinner and back to Salinas, but otherwise:

Portal of the church (Illuminated by Augusto, and I think the stone wall and floor painted them myself):

[ ƒ/6.3 Canon EOS 30D 12mm 100 39° 59.4753′ 0″ N 1° 3.7038′ 0″ W 723s]

Now instead of a long exposure we wanted to show the Milky Way:

[ ƒ/4 Canon EOS 30D 12mm 3200 39° 59.4709′ 0″ N 1° 3.7076′ 0″ W 60s]

And who says you can not do night panoramic? Here are two:

With the mill that you had seen in the morning as the protagonist:

And with the church:

I have taken this week to publish the post, but do not complain that it’s very full. To top it off, the soundtrack will put a big Spanish guitar master that has left us this week with a song I had not heard until my mate Ivan interpreted in a hearing (that hard!) Is Czardars V. Monti:

Milky way

Today I remembered that last year we did a photo out of several days to Arcos de las Salinas there CEFCA is building an astronomical observatory, and the first night we went up there. We put a little nose and kindness Watchers did the rest, we were shown the facilities under construction, they left us a tracking tripod, we were shown the programs used to process the images obtained with telescopes. Currently they only started is the small 80cm (equivalent approx. 3700mm focal length), the other if I remember correctly will have a mirror of 2.5m (over 9000mm focal lenght) and for us it is a telephoto lens 400mm … lol.

Here you have a shot with the 12mm and ISO 160 , we caught a night not too good , it was cold, windy and there were clouds. They told us that from there on a clear night looked easily Valencia.

JAST/T80 1

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 30D 12mm 160 40° 2.55′ 0″ N 1° 0.9833′ 0″ W 1869s]

Then I leave a photo to my surprise was placed in the 3rd-4th page Popularity at 500px which I recommend if you do not know , my profile is this. It is 9 shots vertically with 8mm and subsequently coupled with Hugin Panorama Creator:

JAST/T80 2

We’ve got a good time… and there are still pictures to show, but that’s another post. Now I leave you with the soundtrack, a group that gets current songs and gives them a vintage feel, in this case New Orleans style, I think the song needs no introduction :

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 30D 12mm 160 40° 2.55′ 0″ N 1° 0.9833′ 0″ W 1869s]


While we wait out this week I leave you with a tour (of the longest we’ve done for a day) to “El Toro”, the “Peña Salada”. There’s an abandoned military base, and had (yes, past) very cool antennas that you can see in the following shots. Well, as says Sergi Boix antennas are no longer there, we don’t know if  were dismantled for safety, or is that a friend of the alien has made August with iron. The point is that as Augusto says … we have a picture that does not have Mario Rubio:

By the way, these pictures would not have been possible without the camera Alberto Hervàs, mine had some problems I’ll tell you one day (or you can read here)

We come to the point … in 8mm and a milky way:

[ Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL 1600 39° 53.5878′ 0″ N 0° 48.4417′ 0″ W 84s]

One shot in portrait with 12mm pointing to polaris:

[ ƒ/4 Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL 12mm 100 39° 53.5939′ 0″ N 0° 48.4211′ 0″ W 610s]

One mor landscape:

[ ƒ/4.5 Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL 12mm 100 39° 53.5857′ 0″ N 0° 48.4062′ 0″ W 666s]

The soundtrack today is given by legendary rock group with a title that I think is convenient: “Led Zeppelin: Communication Breakdown”

By the way … apologies for the loss of quality in the images but I don’t not know why my hosting does not let me upload images greater than 100kb. Yesterday I had a post half done and did not went for it … I don’t want the same thing happen today.

[ Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL 1600 39° 53.5878′ 0″ N 0° 48.4417′ 0″ W 84s]

Fear to fear

Yesterday we go outside, it seems that it becomes a good habit! Same location, but not same stage. We also repeat company: Miriam Augustus and myself.

The shots are nothing special, but I think that are part of learning. As in most disciplines, practice makes perfect, and we continue learning.

In the first shot we can see Augusto completely painted by me:

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 7D 20mm 100 39° 12.423′ 0″ N 0° 30.0978′ 0″ W 290s]

In the next shot you can see we three, perhaps the most curious thing is that, that the three were in the same shot… who paints?: I painted Augusto, and he paints Miriam, me and the rest of the scene .

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 39° 12.423′ 0″ N 0° 30.0978′ 0″ W 465s]

The later is as it came out first, I think the three of us would have liked to repeat, but it was too late… so for now it stays that way , but we will return…
By the way … Yes! Miriam appears twice! lol

[ ƒ/7.1 Canon EOS 7D 13mm 100 39° 12.4217′ 0″ N 0° 30.0807′ 0″ W 290s]

I leave you with a complete musician , playing everything but I came to it by this video:

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 7D 20mm 100 39° 12.423′ 0″ N 0° 30.0978′ 0″ W 290s]

Cullera’s Radar

We continue with the file and now it’s up to an exit that we did in June last year. We met a few (that day if I remember correctly were at least 6: Augusto , Jordi , Alberto , Manolo , and Oscar) and went to Cullera to see what we could do.
We climbed to the Weather Radar and got ready to take pictures. I had not noticed, but there were security cameras and alarms, but as our intention was only to take pictures, we started to deploy the material. Well, they had not yet passed four or five minutes we saw a car up very quickly to where we were, indeed! Civil Guard! , very nice a guy and a girl asked us documentation and asked that we did there. They told us that there was much money in technological equipment and that’s why it was so well guarded, had surprised that so many people were there at that time .

Look! it’s a 20 minutes photo, there’s a lot of light pollution, but the result is not bad at all, it is made with 8mm and then I corrected a little deformation, hope you like it :

[ Canon EOS 7D 50mm 200 39° 10.5748′ 0″ N 0° 15.061′ 0″ W 1200s]

As a soundtrack I recommend a piece of my Youtube channel performed by the musical group L’Artística de Carlet. This is the work “Libertadores” by Oscar Navarro, directed by Fernando Hernández García:

[ Canon EOS 7D 50mm 200 39° 10.5748′ 0″ N 0° 15.061′ 0″ W 1200s]

Light angels

Yesterday we went shopping with a new guest (Miriam) and Augusto.

I was not very new but bought a bike, the custom … and it was in my size:

[ ƒ/7.1 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 39° 12.4117′ 0″ N 0° 30.079′ 0″ W 347s]

Hahaha, I cheated you? Here you have the real from which we create the world that you can see above. Obviously I do model, Augusto paints and Miriam help with gadgets:

The night was productive, we have another take, on this model Miriam, I’m on the red background light with a flash and a red paper, and Augusto paints the entire scene:

[ ƒ/7.1 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 39° 12.4117′ 0″ N 0° 30.079′ 0″ W 406s]

The soundtrack will be according to the new acquisition, no? classic rock, but equaly important to remember (Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild):

[ ƒ/7.1 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 39° 12.4117′ 0″ N 0° 30.079′ 0″ W 347s]


Change the subject, today we go for bugs. We had a few days looking out from a hole a female for sunbathing. And as much shame not seem to have i’ve asked for the 100-400 to my friend Jordi, which left me very happy.

I prepared everything, a chair, camera battery, 400, some light test and focus … and with a little patience the star appeared, I’ve taken pictures in all known poses.

But as I looked through the viewfinder in one of many bursts came a big head behind her, the male!, Amazing! we’ve never seen he out, then I re-frame and could only give 3 photos … here’s the best. Hope you like:

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 7D 250mm 100 39° 13.8559′ 0″ N 0° 34.5388′ 0″ W 1/160s]

This is a pair of ocellated lizards have more information here in wikipedia

Yesterday I looked back at the hole and is heavily covered by autumn leaves, so either they are still hibernating or have changed the burrow of place.

The other day while having dinner with some friends put the movie “Terminator II: Judgement day” and I remembered how good it was the movie and the soundtrack, here are the Guns ‘n’ Roses “You Could Be Mine”:

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 7D 250mm 100 39° 13.8559′ 0″ N 0° 34.5388′ 0″ W 1/160s]

Sant Bernat II

As the first photo of Sant Bernat you liked, and although this is not as good (in my opinion) it is equally shocking. It’s amazing the game that can give an 8mm.

The shot is the same day as the above, while some played out I came in to play with my 8mm. Now, whith Augusto lessons, probably would not have painted so (with flash), but it is curious.

The BSO is from a group of 5 musicians that instead of playing the same guitar play the same piano. They are the collective cdza, highly recommended.

You know that the Chapel of Sant Bernat’s it’s the only with heptagonal shape all over Europa? More information

[ Canon EOS 7D 50mm 400 39° 14.0157′ 0″ N 0° 32.016′ 0″ W 30s]


Let’s leave aside the file and go to the pictures last night (yeah, yeah … last night, are still toasty). Some friends went to a Fallas Studio (thanks Ivan and Vicent Martínez for your hospitality). Augusto, Alberto and me took some photos and Enrique made ​​a video that I put below.

There was finished dummies, and others by halves, some were just started, the truth is that the night was productive.

The first (The sorcerer, the pot and the base was painted by Augusto, Green Smoke is my own):

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 7D 100 39° 8.5743′ 0″ N 0° 35.1622′ 0″ W 151s]

La second (completely painted by me):

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 7D 100 39° 8.5743′ 0″ N 0° 35.1622′ 0″ W 330s]

The third (fully painted by Augusto, my teacher on light-painting):

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 7D 100 39° 8.5743′ 0″ N 0° 35.1622′ 0″ W 313s]

And to top it off today I will not put a music video clip, but a very cool video where you can see the “making of” it is a time-lapse that Enrique was doing while we were doing photos. Congratulations Enrique … It is VERY NICE!

[ ƒ/8 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 39° 8.5743′ 0″ N 0° 35.1622′ 0″ W 151s]

Sant Bernat

Today I bring a session to which I was invited. Those who invited me were to prepare the cover photo that would make the book of Carlet festivals. Here you have my version (which is not the book). Thanks to @zuguzz and Alberto H.

[ ƒ/5.6 Canon EOS 7D 100 39° 14.0135′ 0″ N 0° 32.004′ 0″ W 178s]

It was a very nice evening and the truth is we did pretty pictures. Sure repeat!

You know that I normally add a song to accompany the photo display, now it’s up to Sandra Bae, she conquered me with the “Do not stop me now” by Queen (search, search …) and today I saw that also have a version of the song from my uncle Clapton, I could not resist myself.

Have google plus? What are you waiting to put me in your circles? you also have the icon (top right, bottom)

[ ƒ/5.6 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 39° 14.0135′ 0″ N 0° 32.004′ 0″ W 178s]